WHW Hillebrand honored as family-friendly company

After careful deliberation and a final jury conference, 18 regional companies were awarded the certificate „family-friendly business in the Soest district“, two of them from Wickede.

The delegation from WHW Walter Hillebrand (430 employees) offered some insights into their company philosophy on family-friendliness. “Our employees have the option of working fewer or different hours in cases of family emergencies such as illnesses, care dependency or child-rearing without incurring career disadvantages,” the employer from Wickede explained.

“Pregnancy status has never been a hindering factor when hiring decisions are made; additionally, we offer financial aid when a child is born and create the opportunity for our employees with children to get vacation time when their children do, too. Furthermore, our employees can take meals from the cafeteria home to their families. Special schooling for apprentices has long been part of our concept as well!”

Kirsten Tischer, commissioner of business development in the Soest district, informed the audience that 30 companies have been awarded with this title since 2010 with eight recertifications in 2011.