WHW Hillebrand expands production capacities for zincflake coating

WHW Hillebrand has expanded its production capacities at the Wickede plant by constructing a new hall and zincflake dip coating facility. Once again, we utilized tried and tested centrifugal technology, but included additional and flexible options for dip coating.

The new facility is significant for its very compact construction enabled by our use of robot technology. Robots take over the entire component transport process within the facility and carries to-be-coated elements to individual coating stations. Material throughput compared to our existing processes could be increased thanks to the efficient cooperation of robots and optimized centrifugal technology.

Furthermore, the facility has received new weighing stations. These stations can supervise each other and serve quality control.

We put particular emphasis on enclosure and suction within the facility to reduce diffuse emissions and solvent vapors. Captured emissions will be treated in our newly constructed state-of-the-art post-combustion facility.

Logistic flexibility has been considered as well: WHW Hillebrand has connected both production halls in Plant 2 with a freight elevator.

In May 2016, WHW Hillebrand has brought its robots to life and officially started production.