Trainee Road Trip 2016 to Cologne

The annual trainee road trip led 34 apprentices and the instructor team of WHW Hillebrand into the Rhine metropolis of Cologne on August 22nd.

The action-packed day was divided into two team-building exercises.

A modern form of “Hide and Seek” was started on the Domplatte. The instructor team “Team X” was allowed to move exclusively in the Cologne subway and tram network and was hunted by six trainee teams. On the basis of pictures and current locations, which were posted in a “Whats App” group, the trainees had to develop strategies to catch “Team X”. Team spirit, cohesion, skill and a sense of orientation were all required. They laughed a lot, puzzled over it for many hours and posted a lot of pictures. Cologne’s railway stops are now well-known to our trainees!

For the second game of the day, each trainee was given an egg along with a small team; the egg was to be upgraded into something edible or a higher quality item in a Cologne business. This task required a lot of communication talent, creativity and charm.

In the end, everyone could finish this intense, funny day during a self-found picnic on the banks of the Rhine, exchanging impressions and experiences.

We’d like to thank the shop owners of Cologne for their patience with our activities.

If we were to measure the success of our team formation ideas based on the volume of discussion during the return trip, then this day was more than successful.