Storage space expanded after construction of cold hall

To service the increasing demand for shorter processing times and higher transshipment volumes, intelligent logistics has to be employed. The challenge here is to deal with the storage of raw and finished products and empty packaging while optimizing commodity intake in an elaborate system of individually controlled orders.

For this reason, WHW Hillebrand has built a new cold hall next to recently commissioned high performance coating facility. Pallets, mostly in block storage, can be stored here on 1340 m². Two loading platforms and an access gate for direct truck access are available to this end. This allows us to untangle the flow of goods within the company while giving our customers the opportunity to turn in and pick up products at the same time.

Energy efficiency was of particular importance to us with this project. Even though it is a so-called “cold hall”, we installed efficient, separately controllable radiant tube heaters to protect goods from water condensation. Floor and roof were heat-insulated just like in a regular hall.

Radar sensors operate a high-speed door between the production hall and the new cold hall. These sensors react only to forklift traffic and ignore human movements in this area. This ensures that the gate only opens for forklifts and as little warmth as possible is being wasted. LED lights characterize the lighting of the hall and provides for an equally lighted, bright hall.

WHW Hillebrand has invested in company security in addition to more storage space. For this purpose, electronic wheel chocks will be used for the first time. These wheel chocks prevent trucks from rolling off a ramp on their own. Only if these chocks detect the wheels of the truck trailer can the storage gate be opened and the dock leveler activated.

This newly constructed storage hall has allowed WHW Hillebrand to further optimize its logistical requirements.