WHW Hillebrand on the IZB fair in Wolfsburg

The international supplier fair (IZB) is Europe’s leading trade fair of automotive supply companies. New trends and innovations from the industry will be presented at this renowned international meeting. From October 10th to 12th 2012, it was held in Wolfsburg for the seventh time.

The most important aspect of this fair for WHW Hillebrand is the chance to present the new WHW Hillebrand service company with its expanded full service offer as well as the new PREMIUM DIECAST FINISH passivation, which has been developed by Hillebrand Chemicals and is already being successfully applied to high pressure die castings.

In the course of the trade fair, we could lead interesting conversations with our colleagues as well as existing and potentially new customers. The special aspect of the IZB is the different framing of the event compared to other industrial fairs. Here we get the possibility of talking with our customers’ sales personnel. This allows us to get to know the next step in the supply chain. These conversations in particular are often trend-setting as they give us information about our customers‘ wishes and requirements in the years to come.

All in all, our presence on the IZB in Wolfsburg has received thoroughly positive feedback. Our registration for the next IZB has already been scheduled to keep WHW Hillebrand on top of the information game and to allow it to invest and act in a future-oriented and crisis-proof way.