Offshore project "Wind Power Bolt": removal event on Helgoland

In early September, August Friedberg GmbH, producer of high-quality connection elements, and WHW Hillebrand have invited a circle of selected customers to a two-day event on Helgoland featuring lectures and findings on the topic of maritime corrosion..

The location (the North Sea island farthest away from the mainland) was chosen for good reasons. It is where the material testing agency MPA Stuttgart runs one of Germany’s two offshore corrosion testing stands.

More than two years ago, August Friedberg and WHW Hillebrand transferred several testing samples of large nuts and bolts with special corrosion protection surfaces to the dive and spray areas of the high sea. This trial run was supposed to illustrate the corrosion behavior of surfaces in maritime climate under realistic conditions. Several surfaces that are well established in the offshore market were tested, plus some trial surfaces from WHW Hillebrand such as the OXIGARD system that was developed for precisely this purpose.

The goal of the event was to remove and evaluate the samples from the testing stand after two years of corrosive strain. Each guest was able to get first-hand insight on the optical results right where they had occurred. OXIGARD-coated screws showed the least corrosive damage and hence the most promising optical results of all tested systems.

This trial run is currently being scientifically evaluated in expert businesses and institutes. Under the supervision of Germanischer Lloyd SE, the exact corrosive damages and further important physical attributes of each tested coating system will be ascertained, documented and attested.

The results of these evaluations will be presented in early 2013 in a concerted symposium.

The event was rounded out by lectures from MPA Stuttgart and Germanischer Lloyd. Both institutions had been accompanying the project technically and energetically for the previous two years.

For these efforts, the Friedberg and WHW Hillebrand companies would like to express their heartfelt thanks once again.