New post-treatment facility in Wickede, Germany

Component post-treatment is becoming increasingly important in the coating process. The supply of corrosion-preventive sealings is growing and customer-specific friction coefficient parameters are becoming more and more defined through the usage of high-performance components.

To satisfy these requirements, WHW Hillebrand has commissioned a new dip spinning facility in its Wickede-Ruhr location. Product cycle times will be optimized with a daily output of 45 tons.

A particularly interesting feature of this technology is the completely automated coating of two subsequent media. Products can be dried after each coating step. A very gentle transport and low drop heights prevent points of impact. This allows for the post-treatment of particularly sensitive components. Unintended commixtion of components is made impossible through elaborate cage cleaning and the intrigate design of the facility.

WHW Hillebrand wants to thank all companies involved in building the facility and our department specialists for facility construction. Thanks to an unproblematic and on-schedule realization, we were able to conduct quality coatings in a four-shift mode shortly after commissioning the facility.