New: fully automatic module assembly

Parts and components traverse a multitude of processing steps at various locations and in different companies until their final assembly. This means that logistic and transport costs make up a sizeable part of the entire cost for an assembly group at the end of the value chain. This means it would be advantageous to work through as many process steps as possible in one location.

For this reason, we now offer automatic module assembly in addition to our core business of surface coating. This service comprises riveting and crimping processes as well as the assembly and attachment of labels, clips and protective caps.

As part of a recent project, we’ve developed and successfully commissioned a fully automated assembly facility for rubber buffers in the summer of 2010. In this facility, bedplates for a locking system are, after electrolytic treatment, furnished with rubber buffers, tested for their correct geometric properties and then packed in KLTs in the exact quantities and locations. For reasons of process security, a camera-based testing stand was installed which checks each component for the proper assembly of its buffer. In addition to the existence of the buffer, accuracy of fit is being tested for with a tolerance of a few tenths of a millimeter.

Thanks to this fully automatic assembly unit, we can reliably deliver large quantities of products to our customers with great process security. On-schedule delivery for our customers with the properly assembled modules can be taken for granted.