New 3D sorting for 100% control over punched parts

We’ve recently installed and successfully commissioned a new sorting facility in our service center in Fröndenberg (Ruhr). This innovative facility technology grants us 100% control over the desired geometry of punched parts.

The sample parts to be controlled are being led through the facility on a conveyor belt and analyzed by several high-speed 3D cameras. The resulting 3D model is calculated from about 1.5 million pixels and evaluated in real time by special software.

Measurements of angles and surface properties are accurate up to +/- 0.1° or +/- 0.1 mm. Gaps and diameters are recognized with an astonishingly low tolerance of 0.05 mm at a conveyor speed of 10 meters per minute.

This expanded spectrum of 3D geometry tools and the precise measurements complement our options for manipulating thus far difficult to sort components.