Fastening elements department further expanded

Since the beginning of the year, newly constructed facilities in Wickede (Ruhr) have been available to the department for fastening elements, which was founded in late 2011. Two modern bolt testing stands from different manufacturers allow for the testing of surface-related attributes of fastening elements.

One testing stand is mainly used for tension tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15330; the second testing stand is used to conduct friction number tests on nuts and bolts in the measurement areas M6 to M16 in accordance with German and international norms, as well as tests on the safety effects of nuts with clamping parts (DIN EN ISO 2320) or bolts with clamping coatings in accordance with DIN 267-28.

This allows our production processes to be further optimized and our customers to demand tests in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO norms and very different general requirements.

The new testing laboratories and work methods were presented to management and employees from all WHW Hillebrand departments by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schmidt and his team in April 2013.

Continuous training is used to teach advanced competences in the fastening elements segment to WHW Hillebrand employees.