Facility capacities for zinc-nickel coating expanded

Our zinc-nickel barrel plating line with an annual capacity of 15.000 tons, specifically designed to handle small components, was developed to deliver maximum efficiency and resource conservation. Our new rinsing technology, presumably unique in Germany, represents the highest degree of innovation: a thermally cascaded evaporator facility recycles 90% of the water used and introduces it into the process again. This saves water and chemical elements.

Our reel transport carts are innovative as well as they are free from energy chains. Data transmission occurs wirelessly and energy is being supplied through sliding contacts. This allows the transport carts to be moved beyond their original areas of use.

Individuality is another hallmark sign of this technology: adjusted and permanently supervised process parameters can be communicated to every single barrel. If necessary, this allows for the rotational speed and the type of rotation to be variably adjusted according to the needs of the treatment position. Sensitive parts thus receive a type of “wellness program”. Electricity input on both sides of the barrel is supervised individually. Asymmetric power distributions can hence be recognized immediately and the proper countermeasures can be introduced to secure a consistently high quality.

Our patented membrane technology combined with intelligent electrolyte guidance is being employed as well. This allows for an optimal layer setup within an economically viable treatment time frame.

Lastly, we employ a dip coating line to apply top coats. The baskets used for component transport receive a thorough cleaning process after each coating cycle, which includes the removal of residual parts.