Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs) expand world market leader index for South Westphalia region

South Westphalia is region of mid-sized and family companies. This is best evidenced by the index of world market leaders that the IHKs of Arnsberg, Hagen and Siegen have published this year for the third time.

Initially South Westphalia started with 105 EU or world market leader companies – now we have 142. That’s reason enough to publish for the third time the world market leader brochure with portraits of South Westphalia’s best performances. The brochure includes 14 new companies that complete this exclusive list for the time being.

These newly added companies are mostly (85%) family companies, not unlike those already registered. They are not anonymous capital entities, but can be immediately connected to one or more figureheads. Family businessmen often commit themselves personally and beyond their business responsibilities to the well-being of their communities in South Westphalia.

WHW Hillebrand is grateful for being listed as EU market leader in the area of cathodic corrosion protection.