Berrang trainees visiting WHW Hillebrand

As part of a trainee educational event, we were allowed to welcome fourteen trainees on April 21, 2016, accompanied by executives from various Berrang branches, in our main location in Wickede (Ruhr). Berrang, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, is a solution provider for mechanical fasteners technology.

In addition to training in the area of ​​corrosion protection as well as zero error sorting and thread locking, we presented the practical applications of this newly acquired knowledge in subsequent visits to Plant 1 and our full-service center in Fröndenberg.

The event was rounded off with a small final examination on the individual topics, in which trainees as well as managers showed great expertise and skill.

In return, three of our trainees were invited to visit the companies Rudolf Rafflenbeul and Kunze Materials Testing, both from Hagen, on the following day. We’d like to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude to both companies.