Berrang Group visits WHW Hillebrand

As a specialist for mechanical fastening technology, the Berrang company has been arranging excursions to partner companies with its apprentices for a few years. This allows for insights into important processual steps along the entire manufacturing chain. This opportunity is not just being used by apprentices, but also the company’s leadership.

WHW Hillebrand participated in this special program for the first time this year. We had the honor to meet 12 guests from various locations of the Berrang Group in our Wickede facility on October 22nd.

Our common goal for the day was to teach all participants the foundational principles of electroplating and the related controlling and thread locking in both theory and practice. To this end, Mr. Grolmes (Hillebrand Chemicals) and Mr. Thiele (WHW Services) first schooled our guests in their respective areas of specialization. During the following tour of the facility, this theoretical knowledge came to life. Both subjects were concluded with a brief exam.

Towards the end of this exhausting day, all participants had become visibly more knowledgeable. But all this new technical knowledge also raised new questions. We’re looking forward to our next fruitful exchange in the coming year. The event was organized by Mrs. Oel (apprentice supervisor) and her team.

We’d also like to thank Berrang company for allowing two of our apprentices to join in on excursions to other companies.