WHW HILLEBRAND smart surfaces

WHW Hillebrand is one of the leading European companies when it comes to corrosion protection based on zinc, zinc alloy and duplex treatments and organic protection coatings. Founded in 1937 with just a few employees, WHW Hillebrand has evolved from a traditional service company into a reliable partner for the automotive, aerospace, construction, energy and electronics industry.

smart – the reasons for our considerable development

Our company’s development in the last 30 years in particular has been shaped by an early focus on specialized in-house departments in addition to investments in machine and facility technologies. Resulting proprietary developments in the areas of chemistry and applications technology have led to continuous productivity increases. We have turned into an engine for the coating industry.

This is best exemplified by our patented membrane technology that allows for unmatched process stability for zinc alloys and prevents the formation of undesirable pollutants. We consider these effects both economically and ecologically smart.

It was also smart to have researched the many advantages of zinc-nickel coatings with regard to their looks, anti-corrosion reliability, functionality and component usage. The PREMIUM surfaces developed with this knowledge have become our focus.

smart – our functionalized surfaces

Coatings are often functionalized for fastening elements or to make use of the shielding qualities and visual appearance of corrosion protection. Surfaces receive attributes such as optimal lubrication for automated assembly or the ability to be removed and assembled multiple times with no penalties for safety or functionality.

The increasingly high demands of the automotive industry often go beyond the qualities specified by corrosion protection regulations. It is smart to develop surfaces for our customers that offer the best compromise between generally incompatible requirements regarding looks, corrosion protection, functionality and assembly.

smart – mutual Research and Development

We think it’s smart to develop, produce and utilize knowledge gained from proprietary treatment chemistry. In addition, customer specifications require permanent optimization of facility technologies and the modification or entirely new development of chemicals.

The fact that almost ten percent of all employees in this segment work for Hillebrand Chemicals confirms the importance of proprietary R&D, analytics and chemical production for our business concept.

There’s no competition for what we offer: the opportunity to create customized surfaces from the drawing board to serial production together with us.

smart – production with our valued employees

Thanks to the continual optimization of our facility technologies, we have created a production landscape characterized by flexibility, high productivity and redundancies in all the right places of the coating process.

But it is ultimately our employees who enable us to implement our high standards of quality. Strong identification with the company leads to responsible work and trust. Processes and procedures are being improved daily. Our employees know what high-quality coatings feel like, and our customers will know at the latest when they receive our products.

smart – enjoying progress creates trust

We look back on our company’s development with much content. We have bet on PREMIUM quality, created a smart production environment and our business is being carried forward by highly qualified employees.

Future challenges in the automotive industry will be a pleasure to deal with for us since we enjoy development that much. We’ve created opportunities for it. We are your partner for implementing it.

To create something new for the future together – that surely is the greatest sign of trust.