Stellar corrosion protection

WHW Hillebrand is one of the most leading European companies when it comes to corrosion protection based on zinc, zinc alloy and duplex finishings as well as organic corrosion protection coatings. The company, founded in 1937, has become the largest and most capable provider of protective finishing based on zinc nickel alloys for mass production articles.

Protection, functionality and looks in premium quality are the hallmarks of WHW Hillebrand’s products. In large part thanks to its own research and development department Hillebrand Chemicals, which explores, develops and produces customer-specific chemicals and general improve coating technology. We are the only electroplating company in the entire world to produce its own chemicals and optimize them for years to come.

Thanks to this level of expertise, our 588 employees can apply our service package WHW360 to satisfy nearly all wishes in the area of cathodic corrosion protection, making sure no knowledge is getting lost, but instead multiplies together with yours to your advantage.