Superior zinc coating with reliable corrosion protection for massproduced items


Product description

The zinc coating system, HIGH QUALITY ZINC by WHW Hillebrand, distinguishes
itself by the evenness of its coating thickness and reliable corrosion protection during mass production. The system consists of an electroplated zinc layer and a subsequent passivation to protect the zinc layer from white corrosion. Because corrosion protection demands may vary, we offer a transparent thin-film coating or a thick-layer passivation in a yellow or transparent look.

When necessary, an additional sealer fills in pores and tears by permeating the passivation. The topcoats we develop are adjusted to our passivations; they will improve and sustain corrosion protection and increase surface hardness. For fasteners we can adapt the coefficient of friction to the international automotive industry standards.

• Reliable corrosion protection
• High resistance against white rust
• Excellent appearance
• Good cost/benefit ratio

Layer structure

The system consists of a zinc layer and a passivation layer that protects the zinc from white rust. Depending upon corrosion protection requirements, this alternative is offered as a thin or thick layer. A sealer or top-coat can be added if needed. These will penetrate the passivation, close up cracks and pores and provide further corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection

HIGH QUALITY ZINC meets all specified corrosion protection standards of the automotive industry in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 for zinc systems. These standards can be exceeded by applying special passivations, sealers or topcoats.

When a proprietary thick-layer passi-vation is used without an additional sealer, resistance to white rust is increased from 24h to 96h when compared to thin-layer passivation.

If we expand the thick film passivation to a special adaptive topcoat, we obtain a reliable process with a result of 168h in regard to gray veil and 360h as it relates to base metal corrosion. The highly efficient and resistant sealers at WHW Hillebrand have a superior power rating against shock and mechanical stress.

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