Best zinc-nickel surface with impressive performance

Product description

With PREMIUM SILVER WHW Hillebrand offers two zinc-nickel
surface coating systems for mass-produced items and rack applications, whenever you require extremely high corrosion resistance at high temperatures. A 12-15% share of nickel in the coating system ensures greatly improved corrosion protection even after heat treatment and meets the specifications of the automotive industry.

Typical applications for zinc-nickel coatings are in the engine compartment and brake area. A silver or black-colored passivation protects the zinc layer from white corrosion and an additional sealing layer (topcoat) seals up tears and pores by permeating the passivation. The topcoats we develop are aligned with our passivations; they will improve and sustain corrosion protection and increase surface hardness. For fasteners we can adapt the coefficient of friction to international automotive industry standards.

• Excellent corrosion protection >720h according to DIN EN ISO 9227
• Very well suited for complex dimensions
• Homogeneous silver or black surfaces without iridescent effects
• Excellent resistance to white rust
• Long-term temperature stability up to 220°C
• Uniform, low layer thicknesses

Layer structure

The PREMIUM SILVER surface consists of a zinc-nickel layer with a homogeneously distributed nickel-incorporation rate of 12-15%, a transparent passivation and an optional top coat or sealer. This layer system increases corrosion protection, functionality and surface hardness significantly.

Corrosion protection

When it comes to layer thickness,PREMIUM SILVER sets the standard in corrosion protection. Due to high thermal load capacity without sacrificing performance, it is ideal for the shoring in the engine compartment, in braking systems and exhaust systems.

The typical hardness of the zinc-nickel coating holds up well under abrasive and impact loads.

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