Zinc-nickel surface with a stainless steal appearance


Product description

PREMIUM PLUS is a new coating system in WHW Hillebrand’s product lineup. The
high corrosion protection of a zinc alloy and the high-quality, stainless steel look are achieved through a complex procedure. This enables an optical stainless steel finish on steel and iron materials and also allows for much more complex geometrical figures compared to prefabricated stainless steel parts, as one can choose from ferroalloy metals.

Further conditioning steps can add passivations and sealings, lending the parts
various properties in the process. Zinc corrosion builds very late, after over 360 hours in DIN ISO 9227; base metal corrosion develops after well over 720 hours during the salt spray test.

Upon request, parts can be pretreated and individually deburred, which gives the
optical finish an even more polished look.

When stainless steels are either economically unfeasible or unusable due to technical constraints, premium silver plus is a true alternative.

Layer structure

Corrosion protection

further zinc nickel systems