Zinc flake finishes of the highest quality


Product description

The zinc flake system, PREMIUM ZINCFLAKE BLACK is distinctive for an even layer thickness distribution and reliable corrosion protection in the coating of mass produced items. Depending upon customer or standard specification requirements, the system is made up of a phosphate layer, several layers of a basecoat (zinc flake layer) and one or more layers of organic or inorganic topcoat.

Our modern centrifuge technology is especially suited to fasteners of the smaller or smallest measurements as well as geometrically demanding items. For connecting elements we can adapt the coefficient of friction to international automotive industry standards.

• Excellent corrosion protection >720h to DIN EN ISO 9227
• Short coating time
• Very well suited for complex geometries
• Predominant use of high strength fasteners
• Excellent chemical resistance

Layer structure

The system consists of the metallic base material (substrate), pretreated with alkaline cleaning, blasting or zinc phosphate before the actual coating process. The zinc flake coating (base coat) is between 5-8 microns thick, the topcoat can be applied both organically and inorganically in a thickness between 1-3 microns. Depending on customer requirements and specifications, both multiple layers of base coat and a topcoat can be applied in black or silver. This is unprecedented, due to the logistical operation of two autonomous controllable coating lines, and the resulting flexibility and speed.

Corrosion protection

WHW Hillebrand PREMIUM ZINCFLAKE BLACK meets all current corrosion protection requirements of the automotive industry for zinc flake coatings. Because of our manufacturing technology with a large-sized product memory, the coating takes into account small goods handling with minimal drop heights and decant operations. So the corrosion protection arrives where you and your customers need it.

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