Direct passivation on zinc die cast

Product description

PREMIUM DIE CAST FINISH is a WHW Hillebrand procedure for the direct passivation of zinc die cast building parts. The procedure is applied in a specifically designed coating line. Geometrically intricate building parts such as molded recesses, classical frame parts or typical mass building parts for barrel applications can be protected against corrosion without previous galvanization. To achieve this, the parts are pretreated first, then directly coated with a passivation to ensure >200 hours against base metal corrosion in DIN ISO 9227 salt spray test.

Unlike other conventional procedures, this one foregoes the use of sealing without any loss of quality. The typical crack-like structures in the applied passivation coating are filled and homogenized with polymer groups. The result is a typical, high-quality look.

Wherever topcoats cannot or will not be applied while above-average corrosion
protection is still needed, PREMIUM DIE CAST FINISH offers a convincing choice.

Layer structure

Corrosion protection