Precision deburring


Product description

Chemical deburring combined with our newly created facility structure for mass
deburring in drums is perfect for adhering to strict deburring margins. Precision
parts can be deburred with an accuracy of ±1μm. For this purpose, constant surface property settings such as roughness depth are being employed. In comparison to mechanical procedures, one can also achieve large indentations and drillings. Depending on the hardness of the material, damages are very unlikely and sometimes even completely impossible.

The subsequent online oiling of the parts, which allows for temporary corrosion protection (storage protection), is notable. This protection is chosen in such a way that it can be removed easily by well-established methods. The whole system is attuned to manufacturing spotless products, which can be detected effortlessly through downstream camera selections. The final result of the deburring process, the potential precision and the look of the deburred parts depend on the carbon content.

• Precision deburring of steel parts
• Resource-efficient and non-damaging
• Temporary corrosion protection
• Excellent looks
• Deburring of holes and indentations