Highest, deep black corrosion protection for mass-producted items

Product description

The duplex surface PREMIUM BLACK FINISH is a highly corrosion-protective
combination of a galvanic system and an organic paint layer. The combined galvanic layer consists of an alkaline electrolyte isolated zinc-nickel layer, a passivation and an adhesion-promoting special sealant specially developed for a duplex layer. The organic components of this coating system are a black, extremely durable and decorative topcoat.

PREMIUM BLACK FINISH is distinguished by a very uniform film thickness distribution and the best corrosion protection for a deep black coating for mass production. In salt spray test EN DIN ISO 9227 the appereance of the mass produced items will not form white rust even after 720h.

• Jet-black, uniform appearance
• No visual changes up to 720h (DIN EN ISO 9227)
• Very high corrosion resistance
• Resistant to mechanical stress
• High availability in any parts geometry desired

Layer structure

A zinc-nickel coating reduced to 4-8 microns and a black passivation to protect the base metal against red rust is the basis of this system. The core is made up of a specifically created conversion sealant, which acts in two ways: it represents a barrier protecting the underlying zinc-nickel layer, and it also acts as a primer for the subsequent black top coat, which is applied by dipping in a centrifugal process to a thickness of 3-7μm.

Corrosion protection

The system consists of three very effective individual layers, which in combination create additional synergies. PREMIUM BLACK FINISH is not only WHW’s top product, but may currently be the best black surface for bulk material available on the market.

further combination layers