Maximum corrosion protection with a deep black finish

Product description

A zinc-nickel layer with cataphoretically applied black lacquer provides the highest level of corrosion protection with a low total layer thickness. This protection also applies during mechanical finishing and shields against mechanical damage, such as that seen from flying rock. Zinc-nickel, conversions and the lacquer layer are aligned on universal carriers in a horizontal-coating plant which mass-produces rack application like products.

This system eliminates the usual costs incurred in frame construction. Duplex is particularly well-suited for lock parts, hinge elements, engine compartment components and safety parts.

• Perfect, deep-black appearance
• No visible changes up to 720h DIN EN ISO 9227
• Highest level of corrosion protection
• Impervious to mechanical stress
• Heat-resistant to 180°C
• Very ductile
• Can be transformed and beaded without the loss of functional properties

Layer structure

DUPLEX is distinguished by a very thin and even layer. Even challenging shapes, hollow interiors, internal drives and threads can be homogeneously coated due to its superior over-edge coating technique. Tolerances are effortlessly maintained.

Corrosion protection

With DUPLEX WHW Hillebrand offers a corrosion protection system that both actively and passively protects against corrosion and is superior to most other surfaces. Even at temperatures up to 180C, as are found in an engine compartment.

DUPLEX shows an excellent resistance to white rust.

DUPLEX meets all requirements in the condensation constant climate test DIN 50017-KK and in the corrosion cycling test PV 1210.

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