Top Employer 2016

WHW Hillebrand Group employees enjoy an exceptional workplace culture. For this reason, the company received the famous "Top Job" seal from the hands of former German Commerce Secretary Wolfgang Clement on February 12th in Berlin. The Top Job mentor particularly lauded WHW Hillebrand Group for its strategic orientation toward sustainable qualification-building through increased employer appeal. It is the first employer award for the surface coating group, which focuses its activity on the automotive supply industry. With its quality award "Top Job", the Center for Employer Branding, ZEAG GmbH, awards companies that make remarkable achievements for a healthy workplace culture. This is reflected by the quality of HR management and subsequently high job satisfaction among employees.

In the nationwide employers' benchmarking contest "Top Job", carried out since 2002, WHW Hillebrand Group has been especially convincing in the categories Leadership & Vision as well as Personnel Development & Perspective. The healthy and growing company with over 500 employees offers them socially and financially diverse benefits: in addition to generous bonus payments on special occasions and an employer contribution to occupational pension, the company offers systematic health management, including stress management seminars for executives and a daily fruit supply for all employees. In order to promote reconciliation of work and family, part-time work is being implemented whenever possible; for the upcoming summer break, the company has organized childcare service for employees' children. Since 2013 the group has been certified as a family-friendly company in the district of Soest.

"We are very proud of winning the Top Job award,” report managing partner Ernst Walter Hillebrand and CEO Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit. "And of course we are also pleased that our commitment to the workforce will be rewarded in this way. But we do not intend to rest on our laurels. Employee satisfaction and employer attractiveness are important strategic factors for us. We will use the “Top Job” analysis and feedback from employees to enhance our qualities even further. Only with satisfied and dedicated employees can we remain an innovative and entrepreneurial success."

"The award “Top Job” honors sustainable workplace culture that is equally healthy and performance-oriented. WHW Hillebrand Group manages to create a fertile climate of innovation and performance through inspiring leadership, trusting relationships and fair working conditions."

Scientists of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen, headed by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, surveyed HR executives online regarding its methods and tools. Then they conducted an employee survey, which determines two thirds of the final score. HR instruments account for a third of the score.

For the most recent “Top Job” competition, 103 medium-sized companies had applied. 93 companies are allowed to bear the seal. In total 19,884 employees were surveyed; just over half worked in family businesses. Among the top employers, we find 21 national and 11 global market leaders. On average, the companies employ 305 employees and the proportion of women in leadership positions amounts to an average of 23%.

Company Comparison “Top Job“

Since 2002, medium-sized companies have been working together with “Top Job” on their qualities as employers. The project also includes a seal, which allows the best employers to make their qualities visible. The organization responsible is ZEAG GmbH - Center for Employer Branding, headquartered in Constance. Scientific management of benchmarking is in the hands of Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch and her team from the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen. Mentor of the project is former German Commerce Secretary Wolfgang Clement.

Organizer: zeag GmbH I Center for Employer Branding

The Center for Employer Branding was founded in 2015. Former managing director of compamedia and ZEAG founder, Silke Masurat, leads the two projects “Ethics in Business” and “Top Job”. ZEAG accompanies medium-sized companies who are already outstanding performers in the areas of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility or want to become strong performers in the medium term.

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