WHW Hillebrand Group as employer

WHW Hillebrand as employer

WHW Hillebrand Group has been a family-led company for three generations. Since the founding of our company in 1937, we’ve grown to be one of the most competent suppliers of corrosion protection in the automotive, construction and electronics industry. To continually face the challenges of the market in a successful manner, we’re always looking for motivated and dedicated employees who want to further develop our business solutions together with a strong team and who are willing to work hard to get things done.

In the last nine years, the team of WHW Hillebrand Group has grown by 8% per year on average. Today, 588 people ensure the high quality of our coatings and drive our innovative ideas. As a family company, we put great emphasis on a friendly and respectful work atmosphere. We stick to our motto “Demand and Foster” and place particular importance on the continual development of our committed employees. High employee motivation and above-average job tenures are the results of our efforts.

We are putting many resources into our apprenticeship system, which is reflected by our 13 different apprentice positions. Many of our former apprentices stay with the company after their apprenticeships and actively shape the future of WHW Hillebrand Group with us.

If you would like to become a part of our WHW Hillebrand team as well, we’d be glad to hear from you through an application. We can offer you interesting tasks and creative freedom, market-conform remuneration and work in a cooperative and open-minded team.

About WHW Hillebrand

WHW Hillebrand is one of the most leading European companies when it comes to corrosion protection based on zinc, zinc alloy and duplex finishings as well as organic corrosion protection coatings. The company, founded in 1937 and run by the owner, has become the largest and most capable provider of protective finishing based on zinc nickel alloys for mass production articles.
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